Solving Your Voice and Data Needs Under One Roof

Hosted PBX & PBX Upgrade

Reduce Cost Infrastructure & Risk (BCP… scalability… Reduce costs / Avoid maintenance, support, with a cloud-based service.

PRI & Analogue Lines

Sometimes in the digital world, analogue is the solution. However the digital world is not one size fits all, and for that reason, depending on the telecommunication infrastructure of your area, it might make more sense to reduce telecom costs via Bundle Analogue Lines.


Dedicated Fiber/DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) – Protection of your data needs & speed.

Air Fiber (wireless internet) – Data independence – do not depend on cable carriers.

Point to point broadband – Security & Protection of data amongst your locations/ Wireless connectivity makes point to point more affordable and easier to customize.

Call Center Solutions

We help your management team to be better informed and aware of how your business is performing. In real time, see how many calls are taken, how many are in queues, and what the performance rate is per agent. Listen and record conversations for training purposes. All the tools needed for today’s call center are available, in a single plug in application.

Long Distance & Toll Free

Compete better with your new international rates and exclusive toll free numbers. We can let you know what international rates work better for the type of business you do. We are here to help and to reduce your costs. Contact us and we can and will analyse your needs.

Cable – DSL - FTTN (Public Internet Access)

Have redundancy services using cable solutions that will give you access to Public Internet Access. If need be, your business will always be accessible. You can be always accessible if this is what your business needs. Let us help you achieve this in the most affordable way.

SIP Trunking

Save costs on telephone lines, while expanding communications.


For our corporate clients, we offer an exclusive mobile service. Mobility is at the essence of today’s world. Benefit from having the latest smartphones, with the best rates in today’s market. Navigate in the data you need to comply with your work.

Other Services

Worldwide Telecom Services – Reach the world from a reliable partner.

Agent Program – Levarege your contacts & increase revenue.

Customer Service – We care about your business.

Billing Solutions (Smartbilling)


Communicate Effectively

There are plenty of ways in which a unified communication/hosted PBX application can help your company perform more efficiently and effectively. All employees can finally access the same informations from different channels (mobile, PC, etc.) Therefore, facilitating theirs means of collaborating. In the long run, your businesses will end up saving money from using a UC application, therefore setting aside a larger budget for other investments. Such as:
Employee Productivity
Teamwork and Collaboration
Organization and Agility
Multi-Channel Connectivity
UC applications aren’t exclusively for big businesses with big budgets. They’re for organizations of all sizes that want to improve their internal and external communication. The reality is that implementing a UC application will help businesses save.

For Internet

A dedicated Internet service provides permanently connected, high-speed Internet access through fibre optic networks. Give your business an access point that is uniquely yours. Guaranteed to offer the highest level of availability and reliability.
Empower your business with high performing and advanced wireless solutions. Wireless internet is a preferred solution for businesses located in areas that are not covered with traditional wired services. It also represents an affordable backup solution, or alternate option when it becomes impossible or too expensive to cable an entire building.
Multisite, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint private networks allow companies to communicate between their different geographic sites on secure, dedicated and private networks.
Our Internet solution is a cost-effective way of connecting your locations, within Canada, to the Internet.